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  • Windhoek and its charms

    Windhoek and its charms Arriving in Windhoek for the first time, you may be surprised by its modern look and feel. While not an overly busy city, it is just busy enough to give it a buzz that is easily comparable to any other Western city. What sets Windhoek apart is its own unique charm. […]

  • Beach hacks to secure your belongings

    Beach hacks to secure your belongings A summer holiday wouldn’t be complete without a few days spent at the beach. Of course, in your mind, it’s idyllic: warm sea sand between your toes, the sun on your back and the ocean just metres away, beckoning you to take a dip … but what about your […]

  • Foods that make you want to travel

    Foods that make you want to travel We all travel for different reasons – to get away, to visit a new place, to experience something new and exciting, to have some quiet time with the family … but for some people, it’s culinary. This is a concept that you may not have thought of before […]