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  • When it comes to Chobe…

    When it comes to Chobe… You may think that if you have been on one safari you have been on all safaris. But not all safari experiences were created equal. This does not mean that one is better or worse than another, but rather that each has its own unique characteristics. And when it comes […]

  • Why Thailand?

    Why Thailand? Thailand is increasingly becoming a very popular honeymoon or ‘group of friends’ getaway for South Africans. One of the main motivators is the ‘exotic factor’, not to mention the pristine beaches that Thailand has to offer. Thailand’s exoticism lies in its landscape, culture, architecture, history and tropical setting, all of which is completely […]

  • A quick summary of changes to the Travel Visa Regulations

    A quick summary of changes to the Travel Visa Regulations The year 2015 has seen the implementation of new Travel Visa Regulations in a bid to combat human trafficking, especially that of children. Responses to these regulations have been varied, but they appear to have had a negative impact on inbound tourism to South Africa. […]